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CSI : Miami (CBS)
* ’’Pay us attention’’ BABAMARS (Warm) – season 4 episode 21
* "Have we got soul" DATAZ (Warm) – season 8 episode 9
* "Bohemias" DATAZ Feat. Erik Truffaz (Warm) – season 8 episode 9
* "Sober" THE RESISTORS (Warm/The Cellar Music) – season 8 episode 11
* "B.A.B.A.M.A.R.S." BABAMARS (Warm) – season 8 episode 12
* "Move On" BABAMARS (Warm) – season 8 episode 19
* "Find Your Way" YETI BEATS Feat. Kelli Love – season 8 episode 21

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
* "You can keep ‘em" ALI HARTER (Warm) – season 8 episode 16
* "Untitled n°3" ALI HARTER (Warm) – season 8 episode 16
The Gates (ABC)
* "Salvation" BABAMARS (Warm) – season 1 episode 7
* "Absurd" AUSTIN LACE (62 TV) – season 1 episode 12
The City, The Hills’ spin-off (MTV)
* ’’Beautiful Sunday’’ BABAMARS (Warm)
* "Electro Cute" BABAMARS (Warm) – season 2 episode 7
ACC Hoops (Fox Sports)
* "Sloth Song" THE RESISTORS (Warm/The Cellar Music) – Aired on December 2009
Blue Mountain State (Spike TV)
* "The unknown" AUSTIN LACE (62 TV) – season 2 episode 3
* "House of Wax" Wax Tailor (Lab’Oratoire/Atmosphériques) – season 3 episode 9

Bones (Fox)
* "House of wax" WAX TAILOR (Lab’Oratoire/Atmosphériques)
Death Valley (MTV)
* ’’UTA’’ THE RESISTORS (Warm/The Cellar Music) – season 1 episode 10
Teen Mom 2 (MTV)
* "Leave the Lights On" The Resistors (Warm/The Cellar Music) – season 2 episode 6


Being W (Karl Zero)
’’Bagdad Cowboy’’ APPART (Warm)
The Space Between (Travis Fine)(Opening of the International film festival of Toronto 2010)
"Toe The Line" THE RESISTORS (Warm/The Cellar Music)
Sophie (Leif Bristow)
"Younger" BABAMARS (Warm)
LEAVE (Presented at Sundance 2011 and SXSW 2011)
’’Italian Love Affaire’’ Da Taz (Warm)
Never Back Down 2 (Michael Jai White)
’’UTA’’ THE RESISTORS (Warm/The Cellar Music)
For a good time call (Jamie Travis)
’’What do ya do’’ Ali Harter (Warm)
LA VERITE SI JE MENS 3 (Thomas Gilou)
’’ALABINA’’ Alabina (Ascot Music) – end credit
’’Dourt Essahara’’ Salim Halali (Ascot Music)
’’Sidir’h bibi’’ Salim Halali (Ascot Music)
’’Tahdar Aou Tghib” Salim Halali (Ascot Music)
TO THE WONDER (Terrence Malik)
“Ou tu t’endors” Ishtar (Ascot Music)
LES HOMMES LIBRES (Ismael Ferroukhi)
’’El Andalous’’ Salim Halali


MC DONALD’S TV spot (France)
Revlon make-up TV Spot (with Halle Berry)
"Poupée de nuit" Wendy Code (Volvox Music)


CD compilation of Home House Club (UK)
"Un mot de toi" RHANY (KODS)


Fifa 2008

’’The Core’’ BABAMARS (Warm)
Dance Dance Revolution (console + arcade Game)
’’We’ve got yo make it tonight’’ BABAMARS (Warm)


American Eagles
’’Salvation’’ BABAMARS (Warm)
Yves Saint Laurent (institutional movie spot)
’’Beautiful Sunday’’ BABAMARS (Warm)
‘’Move On’’ BABAMARS (Warm)
Shan (web site)
’’Move on’’ BABAMARS (Warm)
Derichebourg/CFF (web site, sound identity)
’’Down round’’ Loop (la plage sonore)
Nike Factory Store (institutional movie spot)
’’Positively Inclined’’ Wax Tailor (Lab’Oratoire)


Pheonix Drive (copyright control)


France Inter, émission « j’ai mes sources »
’’Little Jerk’’ DA TAZ (Warm) – générique
Dancing with the Stars (Semifinal 2013)– USA
’’Para Te’’ APPART (Warm)